Electric Utility Department

The City of Georgetown Electric Utility Department provides purchased power, distribution, metering, street and security lighting and other services to the citizens and businesses of Georgetown. Wholesale power is purchased from Santee Cooper and the Southeastern Power Administration and is then distributed to our customers through a 12,470 volts distribution system consisting of 8 circuits from 2 substations (Georgetown and Maryville). System construction, operations and maintenance, electric tree clearance, and metering services are conducted through the Electric Department’s office at 800 Church Street.

Customer service calls related to new accounts and billing should be directed to the Finance Department at 545-4048. Customer service calls related to outages, service requirements, or service location should be directed to the Electric Department at 545-4600.

Always remember to use electricity safely!

Home Lightning Arresters for Residential Customers
The City of Georgetown Electric Utility Department is now offering residential customers an option for protecting their equipment against lightning surges.  For a one-time fee of $130.00 the Electric Department will install a lightning arrester in your meter base under our electric meter.  It is designed to protect equipment inside your home during a storm by preventing a lightning surge from entering your home through electric service lines.

You will be asked to sign a liability waiver because the City offers no guarantee of protection and can not be liable for any equipment damage that you may incur after installation of the device.  We will provide you with the device manufacturer’s limited guarantee which provides protection against damage to most motors and appliances but does not cover sensitive electronics such as computers or televisions.  Any subsequent damage claims related to lightning must be addressed with the manufacturer.

If you would like to take advantage of this protection, please call 545-4600 and a representative will provide more details.

Consumption Audits for Residential Customers
In an effort to assist customers in lowering their utility bills, the City of Georgetown is offering a program to evaluate energy consumption for residential customers.  City staff will attempt to identify customers with unusually high consumption of electric energy (kilowatt-hours or kwh) and will contact those customers who might benefit the most from this program.  If you are interested in assistance, we will perform an audit of your home to identify how your energy is being used.  This process will help identify ways to reduce energy consumption.  In some cases, it may be as simple as adjusting your thermostat, adding weather-stripping or sealing gaps in HVAC ducts.  In other cases, it may require an investment in additional insulation or thermal windows.  Based on the results of this initial audit, we will determine if further audits are necessary to develop a more formal recommendation for improvements to your home.  Our initial focus is on customers who have been identified as having unusually high consumption, but we will eventually open the audit program to anyone who would like to investigate lowering their electric bills.  If you feel that your consumption is higher than it should be, please call 545-4554 and ask about our energy audit program.

Santee Cooper Smart Home Loan Program

City of Georgetown electric customers are eligible to participate in Santee Cooper’s Smart Energy Home Program for certain energy efficient improvements to your home. For more information, click Smart Energy Home Program.

Electric Department Affiliations

  • American Public Power Association
  • South Carolina Association of Municipal Power Systems
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • National Arbor Day Foundation
  • National Safety Council

Street Address: 800 Church Street
Mailing Address: PO Box 1146, Georgetown, SC 29442
Phone: 843-545-4600
Fax: 843-527-7591
Emergency Phone: 843-545-4600

Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Dept. Head: Alan J. Loveless, P.E.

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