Hurricane Preparation

The possibility of hurricanes is a natural threat to our part of the coast. Regardless of the quality of the electric system, the aftermath of a hurricane can mean being without electricity for days. The Electric Department stocks extra materials during the summer months so that it will be available for storm damage. However, we cannot possibly stock enough materials, nor do we have enough manpower with our own staff, to recover from a major hurricane.

It is imperative that we maintain up to date telephone lists of contacts that we can rely upon for assistance after a major storm. These contacts include vendors who will stay open around the clock and deliver materials quickly, other municipal electric utilities who will provide manpower and materials (if they were not affected by the same storm), and contractors who can assist with manpower and equipment. Mutual Aid Agreements are up to date with all municipal utilities in South Carolina. If possible, aid can be provided from neighboring states through a Mutual Aid Agreement that the South Carolina Association of Municipal Power Systems has executed with similar associations, as well as through the American Public Power Association.

In the event of a major hurricane, please be patient while waiting to have your electric service restored. Our employees are dedicated to this effort and will work many hours in difficult conditions until system restoration is complete. In many cases they are sacrificing their ability to take care of personal damages that they may have suffered during the storm. Your patience and words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated!