Tree Clearance Program

Image of Tree ClearanceThe Electric Department’s Tree Crew is responsible for maintaining adequate clearance between trees and high voltage primary electric lines. This requires pruning trees or removing them if no options are available. Pruning is performed according to standards accepted by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). These standards allow for pruning methods which promote the health and safety of the tree. Tree Trimmers are trained and certified each year in safety and pruning techniques.

Service lines crossing private property will be cleared as resources are available and only if the customer notifies the City that clearing is needed and the Electric Department inspects and agrees.

In addition to pruning, the Tree Crew has started a program of using tree growth regulator on recently pruned trees to slow the re-growth of the pruned area without affecting the health of the tree. This program will lengthen the pruning cycles on the trees, reducing the stress on the trees and reducing maintenance expenditures for the City.

The Electric Department’s Tree Crew is also responsible for maintaining trees on public property and within public right of way. If a tree on public property is diseased or damaged and could present a public hazard, it must be pruned, treated, or removed.

The Electric Department is a member of the National Arbor Day Foundation. The City of Georgetown has achieved status as a Tree City USA.